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Changshu Lunhua Foreign Language School, situated next to the beautiful Kuncheng Lake, received government investment in 2011 and is administrated by Lunhua Education. The school implements internationalized education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with more than 2000 outstanding students. 


Since its establishment thirteen years ago, Changshu Lunhua Foreign Language School has been implementing the vision of “Becoming the cultural field for global elites” and the education practice of “Discipline, Perseverance, Excellence”. Bohui-style education, with its diversified and detail-oriented characteristic, differentiates from other education modes, insisting on reshaping itself and developing fast. So far CLFLS has become a standing executive member of the National Association of Foreign Language Schools, National Youth AI Activity Featured School, the Project Basement for Soochow University National Key Teachers Training Plan, one of the first pioneer schools for 2029 China STEM Education Action Plan, National Ecology Education Featured School and one of the first STEM Pilot Schools in Jiangsu Province. The school actively works to optimize the current curriculum and promote activity-based innovations. The “In the Air Class” with New Zealand partner schools, “Joint Research Between Teachers and Students” and “STEM Project Research” have become the competitive products of the school, catching people’s eyes and awarding the school the hard-earned reputation it has today. Since the first students graduated in 2017, CLFLS has been at the top of the Suzhou High School Entrance Exams list for seven years in succession.   


Led by the practical author of Bohui Education and the founder of Lunhua Education Group, Mr. CAO Lunhua, the school possesses a group of professionally dedicated teachers. With titles including Professor-rate Senior Teacher, Provincial Special Grade Teacher, Prominent Principal of Suzhou, Educational Inspector of Suzhou Municipal Government and Postgraduate Mentor of Soochow University, Mr. CAO Lunhua has nearly 20 years of international school management experience. The school gathers a group of experienced and devoted key teachers, among whom there are Special Grade Teachers, Provincial and Civic Outstanding Educators, Outstanding Homeroom Teachers and Suzhou Academic Lead Teachers. 





Following trends in education, CLFLS has built up a featured curriculum system of “strengthening foundation, focusing on integration, encouraging inquiry, accomplishing the task”. The Primary Division has Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion Class and Bilingual Ladies Class. The secondary division has Elite Class, Bohui Class, Eton Gentlemen's Class, Integrated Class. The school offers pluralistic courses to satisfy different needs for education from society. The school is a sister school with many well-known schools in the US, Canada, Britain, Spain and Singapore, conducting student-teacher exchange and communication programs.