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Elite Class of Junior High Department



Curriculum Approach



Core Courses


Based on the National Junior High School Compulsory Education Curriculum Standard, curriculum, and textbooks, students are to be trained to understand their national language and culture, and the current philosophy of moral education and holistic education will be practiced.



Featured Activities

英语特色活动English Featured Activities


Having access to the Oxford courses, the introduction of Classical English, New Concept English, 21st Century English Newspaper, foreign teachers speaking English classes and other courses, combined with the school-based curriculum featured by CIS, students are able to pass various evaluation tests of English ability.


小语种特色活动 Minor Language Featured Activities


Students have access to optional courses of minor languages like German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. Through minor language learning, students are encouraged to further understand foreign cultures and broaden their international horizons.


社团活动 Community Activities


The activities are rich in contents and forms, such as English drama, 3D printing, piano, vocal music, literary club, graphic design, tea art, etc., giving full play to students' specialties and shaping individuality.


师生共研活动 Teacher-student Co-study Activities


Teachers and students will cooperate on specific topics and conduct a one-year special study to further expand students' awareness of scientific research and enhance students' critical thinking ability. There are many kinds of projects, such as "Phantom of the Questhand-painted tourist maps of Yushan Street", "Greek mythologyto explore the human nature", "electromagnetic radiationthe 'air' under the era of science and technology" and other projects.